"The best gym in the UK for people who hate the gym" - The Telegraph

This is Primal.

We help people lead happier, healthier lives by making fitness fun, building strong communities, delivering results and inspiring change.

No gym compares to Primal, its sense of community, friendly staff and excellent service is unrivalled! Can't ever imagine changing gyms!

Best gym I've ever been too, if I hadn't moved to another continent I would have stayed here forever! If you want results and not rows of endless treadmill machines - this is the place.
I love this place. The moment you walk through the door you get a warm welcome and a real sense that everyone is there to change their lives - not to judge you, or make you feel like you shouldn’t be there!

Get Primal

Get Results

Set realistic goals with our coaches and make a plan to achieve them which can include a mix of classes, clubs, or just doing your own thing. Sign up for Primal Personal Training or Small Group PT and we guarantee results.

Assessment & Reviews

Every member gets an initial assessment and monthly 1-2-1 catch up with a Primal Coach, giving you the opportunity to check your progress, re-test your stats and fitness, or just discuss whatever obstacles are getting in your way.

Death to Boredom

Forget rows of treadmills and machines pointing at subtitled TVs - Primal is all about having fun within a supportive community. Prepare to make some friends for life and rediscover how fun fitness can be!

Real Coaching

Primal's coaches are employed for one reason: to help you achieve your goals by giving you the highest standards of professional training. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure we can give you our full attention and every member gets monthly 1-2-1 catch ups.

Not Your Usual Kit

At Primal, we don't "do" machines or mirrors. Instead, you'll find heaps of innovative, functional equipment including pro-lifting platforms, a boxing ring, sprint tracks, slam wall, monkey bars, ropes, prowlers and whole load more. Leave your egos at the door!

All Mod Cons

Infrared sauna, electronic wristbands for entry and lockers, pre-prepped food delivery service, therapy room, physiotherapy, osteopathy, reflexology, sports massage, indoor & outdoor training, workout cards, protein shots.

Primal Clubs

Spend more time doing what you love, improve your technique or try something new. Primal Clubs are for all members and all levels of ability. Includes boxing, kickboxing, powerlifting, kettlebells, MMA, calisthenics and strength & conditioning.

Total Transformation Project

Our biannual three-month coaching programme that transforms your body and your mindset to deliver life-changing results that last. Clients who take part in Primal's Total Transformation Project have lost up to 18kg of fat!

Pro Nutrition Support

Get your own nutrition programme designed for fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance. Includes meal planner, shopping list, food diary and a Primal cook book. Or take up Primal Personal Training or Small Group PT, and you’ll get a nutrition plan included.

This gym's unique layout means there aren't row of treadmills, bikes and TV screens. Instead, users can expect an array of interesting equipment so that your workout never gets stale.
The Telegraph
Primal is a gym with a personal touch, all aspects are designed to meet your individual needs, the staff show a genuine interest in setting you off on your fitness pathway and the range of equipment and classes are bound to keep your workouts both beneficial and entertaining.
Leeds City Magazine
If you’re bored of your usual workout, check out Primal Gym. You can get creative with your fitness regime at this Leeds gym – swing on the monkey bars, do a few rounds in the boxing ring or test your strength on the sled pull.
Leeds List

Redefining Gym Classes

Primal will redefine what you think about gym classes. You won't find an endless list of the latest branded fads - instead, there are four standard class types, each named according to their outcome: Conditioning, Strength, Power and Core.

Primal classes are fun, engaging and suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. Group sizes are kept small to enable our coaches to provide you with the highest standards of training, ensuring you can workout effectively and safely.

There are also monthly challenges to try and a range of Primal Clubs including boxing, kickboxing, powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebells, MMA, calisthenics and strength & conditioning. Alternatively, you are welcome to just do your own thing.


Conditioning classes will enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance and completely blow away what you think about cardio training. Expect engaging and enjoyable sessions with friendly competition – and all way more effective than a treadmill.


Strength is arguably the single most important facet of overall fitness. Your Primal strength classes will typically include some form of free weight or functional resistance training and classes will target all major muscle groups, making you stronger, leaner and more efficient.


We all need power on a daily basis, from walking up stairs to simply standing up, and if you play sport or enjoy staying active, power becomes critical. Your power classes will focus on acceleration and speed, transforming your body into an efficient force generator.


A commonly misunderstood term, core strength is your body’s ability to stabilise and generate force during movement. Much more than just ‘abs’, core stability involves a range of muscles covering all joints, head to toe. You’ll improve balance, posture, flexibility and overall stability.


All memberships includes unlimited yoga and pilates classes. Both are all-rounders, benefiting include improved flexibility, muscle-strength, posture and blood flow as well as improving mental wellbeing too. Yoga is relaxing, helps you focus and makes you happier!

Best gym in Leeds! Staff are absolutely lovely and always welcoming. I gained 2kg of muscle and lost 3.5kg of fat in 6 weeks just by attending the classes!
A quality gym with a fantastic atmosphere and better staff. If you have a question, concern or just want to chat about something, someone will be on hand to help you out.
Lost a stone, about a meter off my waste and bucket loads of fat. Primal has made getting/keeping fit fun again. Would recommend to anyone bored of exercising to no avail.

Membership Plans

Standard Membership

3 month minimum term, no joining fee


JOINT MEMBERSHIP (2 people at same address):
£117 per month (£58.50 each)

Standard £45, Student £35, Joint £81 per month
(£40.50 each)

5% discount on all memberships when paid up-front

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What's Included
Unlimited Gym Classes ^
Unlimited Yoga & Pilates Classes ^
Unlimited Gym Access
Primal Clubs: boxing, kickboxing, powerlifting, olympic lifting, calisthenics and kettlebells ^
Initial Assessment: goal setting, body metrics including body fat and lean muscle analysis, fitness benchmark and movement screening
Monthly one-to-one member catch ups with your coach to check on progress.
Quarterly Assessment & Review
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Personal Training & Small Group PT

From as little as £162 per month for three sessions per week, inclusive of gym membership.

More about Personal Training
What's Included Learn More ››
Guaranteed results or your money back
Small Group or 1-to-1 Personal Training Sessions with a dedicated Primal Coach
Personalised Nutrition and Progessive Workout Plans
Advanced Goal Development, Habit Building & Coaching
Gym membership included
More about Personal Training
^ Classes and clubs are bookable 7 days in advance via the online class timetable and are limited to 14 people per session on a first-come-first-served basis.  
* Upfront payments are non-refundable.