Q: What recent investment resulted in a 3000% return for British Gas?

A: Back care workshops for their engineers.

The Problem

UK businesses are losing billions of pounds due to sickness and absence

Sick Days

131 million working days were lost to absence due to sickness in the UK in 2013.


These absences cost UK businesses £32 billion in sick pay and lost productivity.


More working days were lost to musculoskeletal problems such as neck and back pain than any other cause.

The Solution

When British Gas introduced back-care workshops and a range of other measures to help their engineers avoid musculoskeletal disorders, it resulted in a 43% reduction in absences due to back problems and a return of £31 on every £1 invested in the programme.

Investing in health is just good business.

Invest In Your Employee's Health & See The Benefits

Lower Costs

Lower costs for your business due to reduced absenteeism and better staff retention.

Improved Productivity

Your business will benefit from improved productivity and increased motivation and focus.

Happy Staff

Your staff will just be happier! Happy, healthy staff have better morale and more confidence.

What We Do

Our Health Specialists will visit your workplace to give employees a 20 minute biometric assessment to establish:

Stress Level
Lean Muscle Mass & Distribution
Nutrition Quality
Blood Pressure
Glucose Level
Hydration Level
Smoking and Drinking Habits
Resting Heart Rate
Fitness Score
Health and Wellbeing Goals
Body Fat Percentage, Mass & Distribution
Activity Levels

Then What?

Depending on the particular needs of your staff, Primal Health can then provide a range of services: 

Osteopathic Treatment

Our resident osteopaths are experts in fixing musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain. As well as holding twice weekly clinics Primal Gym, they can also run back and neck care workshops and seminars at your workplace.


Our resident physiotherapist can help restore movement and function to any employees who are recovering from injury, illness or disability.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage aids the body’s recovery from working in an office environment and long periods of inactivity, alleviating muscle stress and tension, helping staff to perform to the best of their ability.

Nutrition Workshops

Fun and engaging workshops and seminars to dispel the myths surrounding effective nutrition today.

‘Energise Yourself’ Workshops

This seminar gives proven effective ways your staff can boost their energy using food, drink and exercise.

Stress Awareness Workshops

Seminar providing powerful techniques to assess and control stress and increase confidence.

Exercise Workshops

Seminar or workshop detailing what exercises will help achieve individual goals using simple body weight exercises.

Personal Training Discounts

10% discount on all our personal training and small group personal training packages, which are tailored to the individual health and fitness goals and requirements of you and your employees.

Gym Membership Discounts

We will offer you and your employees £5 a month off the price of our standard gym membership or £10 a month off when you pay for three months upfront.

The best gym I have been to period, great equipment, great classes and even better staff.

Absolutely loving Primal. The trainers are awesome and the kit is great - my dream gym! You'll never get rid of me now!
So, 3 weeks in and I've had a loss of 4.5kg in body fat. Cheers to Darren and all @PrimalHealthGym for your support so far!

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