The Primal
28 Day Fat Loss

A rapid fat loss program unlike anything you've ever tried. No starvation, no drugs, no gimmicks - just hard work, lots of support and no-nonsense advice.

Melt Up To 10Kg Of Fat Off Your Body In 28 Days

Our rapid fat-loss program combines three simple elements:

Fun, Quick Exercises

If you’re already a member at Primal you’ll know that we don’t do boring exercise. Your exercise sessions will burn fat from your body faster than anything else you can do.

Nutrition Guidance & Plan

You’ll receive professional nutritional guidance throughout your challenge and you’ll be eating real food too – we don’t believe in fad diets and gimmicks.

The Magic Ingredient

Our secret weapon is the expert coaching and accountability you get from our professional coaches. There’s no guess work – we know what works from experience.


Alex, age 32 - Lost 8kg and 8cm of her waist*
“I’m the slimmest I’ve been since uni plus I’m feeling fitter and looking more toned. Catching a glance in the mirror is now a smug experience rather than a depressing one! I have 4 pairs of jeans which were previously ear marked for the charity shop as I couldn’t get them over my thighs, now I can get them on and fasten them!”

The Secret

The coaching and accountability really are the magic ingredient. If you've struggled to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to in the past, the number one reason you struggled is lack of effective coaching and accountability. Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and the personalised coaching you get from an experienced professional who’s got see-it-in-the-mirror results with other clients just like you.


Peter, age 61 - lost 4.3kg of fat on the Fat Loss Challenge then a further 10kg with Small Group Personal Training*
“It would not be an exaggeration to conclude that Primal has changed my life. At the beginning of the year I was borderline obese and resigned to a life without competitive sport. Now, I’m at the correct weight and fat percentage for my height and all my clothes are too big! My wife likes the new slimline ‘Primal Pete’ and I feel better than I have for ages”

Give Us The Chance & We’ll Prove It To You

You’ll be amazed by the results...

Guaranteed Results

If you follow all our advice, stick to the programme and don't see results, we'll refund every penny.

Lose Up To 10kgs of Fat

Melt kilos of unwanted fat from your body and get on the fastest track to feeling tight, toned and terrific.

Refund for Best Transformation!

The person who makes the best transformation will get every penny back!


Laura - lost 5kg of fat and reduced her waistline by 16cm*
“I would definitely recommend Primal. The team are brilliant, everyone is encouraging and wants you to see results which has really helped motivate me to keep going! I’m so pleased with the difference I've seen this year, not just with how I look but with how fit I feel!”

What You Get

28 days intense fat loss training
Workouts and challenges to do in your own time
Nutrition and portion size guidelines
3 small-group training sessions per week
Follow-along home workout video
Starting assessment, final weigh in and review
Full access to the gym’s facilities and other standard classes
Healthy Cook Book containing delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Constant support via email and Facebook
Fat loss training manual
Meal planner and shopping list
Best transformation after 28 days gets their money back!


Clare - lost 8kg and 2 inches off her waistline*
“Going into the Challenge I thought the classes were hard, but now I’m already missing them! Seeing the before and after pictures, I just couldn't believe the change! It’s not just about losing weight though, it's about changing your whole perspective on food and exercise and it's been a really great kickstart to getting me back into a healthy lifestyle.”

Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do.

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There are just 30 places available on this challenge and it’s first-come-first-served, so book your place now:


Martin, age 41 - lost 9.6kg of fat, reduced his body fat by 9.1%, and his waistline by 9.8cm*
“I was sceptical about some of the claims of the 28 Day Fat Loss Challenge but went into it with an open mind. I was surprised by the amount of information provided - it seemed more like a lifestyle change than a challenge. For too many years I'd been going to gyms to try and improve my fitness but never really felt like I was getting anywhere but after just 28 days I’ve achieved the best results I’ve ever seen so the Challenge is very effective and works, as long as you stick to the plan”

Primal – Not Your Average Gym

Not Your Usual Kit

Pro-lifting platforms, squat-racks, boxing ring, sprint tracks, combat training area, slam wall, monkey bars, climbing ropes, sled pulls and whole load more.

All Mod Cons

Electronic wristband access for entry and quick-drop lockers, sauna, therapy room, on-site Physio, Osteo and Massage Therapist.

Death to Boredom

No TVs and no rows of treadmills. Instead a load of new and interesting equipment designed to get you motivated and moving.


Agata, age 30 - lost 3kg of fat and reduced her waistline by 11cm*
“Signing up for this challenge was probably one of the best decisions I have made. I was shocked by the results, especially when I saw the pictures. I never been so excited about having an active and healthy lifestyle before. Now my big worry is to find similar gym over in Poland. I think it might be bigger challenge than what we’ve just been through!”

Burn fat fast, increase energy, reduce stress and feel good.

Primal Members Price
Non-Members Price
There are just 30 places available on this challenge and it’s first-come-first-served, so book your place now:

* your own results may vary