The Primal
30 Day Fat Loss

A rapid fat loss program unlike anything you've ever tried. No fad-dieting, no drugs, no gimmicks and guaranteed to work for you.

Melt Up To 10lbs Of Fat Off Your Body In 30 Days

Our rapid fat-loss program combines three elements:

Fun, Quick Exercises

If you’re already a member at Primal you’ll know that we don’t do boring exercise. Your exercise sessions will burn fat from your body faster than anything else you can do.

Nutrition Guidance & Plan

You’ll receive professional nutritional guidance throughout your challenge and you’ll be eating real food throughout too – we don’t believe in fad diets and gimmicks.

The Magic Ingredient

Our secret weapon is the expert coaching and accountability you get from our professional coaches. There’s no guess work – we know what works from experience.

“Signing up for this challenge was probably one of the best decisions I have made. I was shocked by the results, especially when I saw the pictures. I never been so excited about having an active and healthy lifestyle before. Now my big worry is to find similar gym over in Poland. I think it might be bigger challenge than what we’ve just been through!”

The Secret

The coaching and accountability really are the magic ingredient. If you've struggled to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to in the past, the number one reason you struggled is lack of effective coaching and accountability. Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and the personalised coaching you get from an experienced professional who’s got see-it-in-the-mirror results with other clients just like you.

Give Us The Chance & We’ll Prove It To You

You’ll be amazed by the results...

Just 4 Weeks

Starting Monday 9th November, the entire program is 30 days – just 4 weeks is all it takes.

Lose up to 10lbs (or more)

Melt fat off your body and get on the fastest track to feeling tight, toned and terrific.

Refund for Biggest Loser!

The person who loses the most fat in the 30 day challenge will get every penny back!

“I’ve massively enjoyed the last month and I’m so pleased with the results. It just goes to show that standing obsessively on the scales every day means absolutely nothing. It comes down to the measurements and when you see the before/after pictures, you can really appreciate the difference.”

What You Get

30 days program of focussed and proven-effective fat loss
3 small-group personal training sessions per week at Primal Gym
Training manual with workouts you can do on your own
Training calendar and workout logs
Weekly nutrition plan
Fat loss nutrition guidelines
Detailed ‘eat/avoid’ food guide
Fat loss super-food checklist
Fat loss meal time checklist
Nutrition adherence logs
Weekly group meeting and review session
Comprehensive starting assessment
Final weigh-in and review
150-recipe book & nutrition guide
Constant email support and Facebook support page
Biggest loser after 30 days gets their money back!

“The meal plans and recipe book are inspired and my attitude to food has been completely changed. The support and advice has been beyond incredible, I was overwhelmed by how much the trainers cared. I’m doing exercises I never dreamt I could master and I feel amazing because of it. I am finally realising that my goals are achievable with the help and support of the Primal team. I cannot champion this challenge enough.”

Lose more fat and inches faster than anything else you can do.

This challenge starts on Monday 9th November – only 30 places are available, book your place now:
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Non-Members Price

“Loved the classes, the community and the nutrition plan. It has made me re-evaluate the way I think about food. I now look at the ingredients in everything and don’t want to eat preservatives and sugar. For the last year I hated wearing sleeveless tops but now I feel super confident.”

Primal – Not Your Average Gym

Not Your Usual Kit

Pro-lifting platforms, squat-racks, boxing ring, sprint tracks, combat training area, slam wall, monkey bars, climbing ropes, sled pulls and whole load more.

All Mod Cons

Electronic wristband access for entry and lockers, workout cards, sauna, therapy room, team points system, quick-drop lockers.

Death to Boredom

No TVs and no rows of treadmills. Instead a load of new and interesting equipment designed to get you motivated and moving.

“I enjoyed feeling like part of a team and the support and encouragement from the Facebook group was really helpful. I now feel like my fitness and weight are under control and have a better understanding of how to stay in shape. Now I know what can be achieved I look forward to more gains (or losses!)”

Burn fat fast, increase energy, reduce stress and feel good.

This challenge starts on Monday 9th November – only 30 places are available, book your place now:
Primal Members Price
Non-Members Price