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Brilliant first primal powerlifting class with Chris this morning.. Glad I got out of bed for it, thank you @PrimalHealthGym
So, 3 weeks in and I've had a loss of 4.5kg in body fat. Cheers to Darren and all @PrimalHealthGym for your support so far!
@PrimalHealthGym Holy guacamole, WHEN can I move in?! (And I've barely left since... Sorry folks!)

Redefining Gym Classes

Primal will redefine what you think about gym classes. You won't find an endless list of branded classes and you won’t find any fads. Instead, Primal offers you engaging and effective class-based training suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. There are four standard class types, each named based on their outcome: Conditioning, Strength, Power and Core.

There are also weekly challenge classes and a range of club-style classes including boxing, kickboxing, power-lifting, kettlebells and more. All Primal classes are done in small groups so our trainers can provide you with the highest standards of training, ensuring you train effectively and safely no matter your experience level.


Conditioning classes will enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance and completely blow away what you think about cardio training. Expect engaging and enjoyable sessions with friendly competition – and all way more effective than a treadmill.


Strength is arguably the single most important facet of overall fitness. Your Primal strength classes will typically include some form of free weight or functional resistance training and classes will target all major muscle groups, making you stronger, leaner and more efficient.


We all need power on a daily basis, from walking up stairs to simply standing up, and if you play sport or enjoy staying active, power becomes critical. Your power classes will focus on acceleration and speed, transforming your body into an efficient force generator.


A commonly misunderstood term, core strength is your body’s ability to stabilise and generate force during movement. Much more than just ‘abs’, core stability involves a range of muscles covering all joints, head to toe. You’ll improve balance, posture, flexibility and overall stability.


Each week in the class timetable, you’ll see a special type of ‘Challenge’ class. These are total workouts designed to push you that bit further and give you a complete mix of the training types. Expect the unexpected!


Standard & Primal+ memberships includes unlimited yoga classes. Yoga really is an all-rounder, benefits include improved flexibility, muscle-strength, posture and blood flow as well as improving mental wellbeing too. Yoga is relaxing, helps you focus and makes you happier!

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