A three month coaching programme
that transforms your body and your mindset
to deliver life-changing results that last

The Total Transformation Project is made up of Primal’s three tried-and-tested 28 day programmes:

28 DAY 

In month one we strip out the rubbish from your diet, get you exercising consistently and start developing a mindset for success. Clients lose an average of 4.5kg of fat in month one.

28 DAY 

In month two you will continue to shred fat while tightening and toning your physique. You will begin to see dramatic changes and start forming the habits needed to sustain them.

28 DAY 

In month three you will gain strength, burn even more fat and start to find out what your body is capable of achieving. Clients who complete the whole programme have lost up to 18kg of fat.


Lost 10.3kg of fat
Reduced waistline by 14cm*

"This programme has literally transformed my life. I now like myself! It’s the best thing I have ever done in my 34 years. I am a different person now, both physically and mentally. My body is healthier and stronger, my mind is more focused and sharp, my confidence is through the roof! I can now walk down the street with confidence, I can enter a room without feeling conscious about the way I look. All my family, friends and work colleagues have noticed the difference. It's made my relationships stronger both with other people and myself. I feel great all the time - something I've never experienced before. Thank you, this has made me.

The Primal Total Transformation Project combines our three magic ingredients:

Fun, Effective Exercise

At Primal we don’t do boring exercise. Your training sessions will help you burn fat, build lean muscle and get you fitter faster than anything else you can do.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

We don’t believe in fad diets and gimmicks. You’ll learn to plan and prepare healthy meals and form the lifestyle habits needed for sustainable results.

Support & Accountability

Expert coaching, advice and motivation from professional trainers with support and accountability from your community taking the journey with you.


Lost 16.4kg fat
Reduced waistline by 38cm*

"I'd become a right slob - too many takeaways and much too much alcohol. Now I really enjoy healthy cooking and I’ve even set up a monthly order from a local organic farm! I'm 64 and have done very little exercise in years but on the TTP I was able to go at my own speed and never once felt intimated - quite the opposite! I was given nothing but help and encouragement. I have been totally blown away by my weight loss and fitness improvement. I feel like I’m on cloud nine - fitter and healthier, physically as well as mentally!"

We're so confident in our Total Transformation Project, we guarantee you’ll get results if you follow the programme. You have nothing to lose, except your fears and several kilos of unwanted fat!

The Course Includes


Three training sessions per week (choose from a selection of time slots)
Progressive training manuals
Workouts designed for results
Workout videos to follow at home
Monthly challenges to push your limits


Expert nutritional guidance
Meal plans and shopping lists
Healthy eating recipe book
Weekly lifestyle and nutrition habits to practice outside the gym


Initial assessment and monthly weigh-ins
Motivational support and accountability
Access to the Facebook support group
'Best Transformation' after 3 months gets a full refund!

Get in great shape fast and learn to sustain your results for life.


Lost 17kg of fat
Reduced waistline by 19cm*

“I was struggling to get motivated, was only making it to the gym a couple of times a week and couldn't even do a full press-up. Joining Primal's Total Transformation Project is the best decision I could have made! The classes were great, the support was good, the motivation of being part of a group really helped. It was only when I started tracking my food that I realised just how much extra crap I ate in between meals! I am now a couple of stone lighter, happier in myself and can do full press ups with plates on my back! Comments I get from friends and family are positive apart from the odd "I didn't realise you were that fat before!" Overall, I am thinner, stronger and more confident. The only down side to the whole thing is none of my clothes fit any more!"

You can either pay monthly or save 10% by purchasing the whole 12 week programme upfront:

12 WEEK programme

5th January - 30th March 2019
30 Places Available
Pay Monthly or Pay Upfront and Save 10%
Primal Gym Members: £270 or £100/mth
Non-Members: £486 or £180/mth


Lost 11.9kg of fat
Gained 1.4kg of muscle
Reduced waistline by 13cm*

"The changes I've experienced are inside and out. I'm in the best physical shape of my life (since my early 20's, at least!) and I like what I see in the mirror. Pull ups? No problem. Rope climbs? Yep. 5km PB's... you name it - in the past 3 months I've smashed it! I'm sleeping better, I'm happier, I've got tonnes of clarity and focus to get up and just do it (and that's as simple as getting off the sofa and washing the pots up). There was nothing 'wrong' with me before - I'm just happier in my own skin and I can't totally explain it. My advice for anyone who wants a nudge in the right direction of accountability is to seriously consider TTP. I live alone, I have a mortgage and bills and the cost was something I considered but the changes I've seen and the skills I've learned have been so worth it!"

At Primal we do things differently...

*these results were achieved by Primal clients who followed their programmes to completion, your own results may vary.